Pittsburgh Region Cadillac LaSalle Club
From the Desk of the Director
MayJune, 2009

Greetings, Friends!
Dear Membership,

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Here's hoping 2010 is the best yet for all of you! We're working hard behind-the-scenes to make sure we live up to our end of that wish for you with exciting offerings for the Pittsburgh Region Cadillac-LaSalle Club for the 2010 Car Season!
Let me take this opportunity to give you a sneak preview of event dates this year. A full calendar will be included in the March issue of The Caddy Chatter, but we hope this list will whet your appetite and encourage you to mark your calendars!

Tuesday, February 2 Board/Membership Meeting (see below)
Saturday, February 13 Sweethearts Dinner
Sunday, April 18.Annual CLC Brunch
Saturday, May 15Garage Tour
Saturday, June 19...Laurel Festival & Greenbergļæ½s Open House
Saturday, July 11.Garage Tour (tentative)
July 14-17...CLC Grand National
Saturday, July 24.Vintage Grand Prix
Saturday, August 7...CLC 25th Annual Car Show
August 13-14...CLC Ohio Inter Regional Show & Events
Sunday, September 19...Annual CLC Club Picnic
Saturday, October 16..Fall Destination Cruise

On the heels of sharing the calendar events with you, Stephanie asked me to remind you all that dues are due! On the reverse of this letter, you'll find a 2010 Membership Form. Please return it to Steph with your check a.s.a.p. so we can stay current with the National CLC.

NEW AGAIN THIS YEAR: As an organization, we are moving toward electronic service for all of your club correspondence needs. This means we will now and like last year, be e-mailing you your monthly Caddy Chatter. With the rising costs of paper, printing, and postage, this is a more efficient and cost-effective manner of communicating. Please provide your e-mail address on the Membership Form (and have confidence that it will be kept confidential). If you still prefer to receive The Caddy Chatter via the U.S. Postal Service, we can accommodate you at an increased rate of $5 for dues. (Your dues will be $25 instead of $20 to cover costs.) Of course, if there are extenuating circumstances in your case, please give us a call and we'll be happy to talk through this change with you. Remember, you or someone you know can always find the newsletter on the CLC website each month, as well! www.clcpgh.org

So hopefully, you've seen some exciting upcoming events listed above for this year and won't hesitate to renew your membership. Please also know that the Executive Board is always willing to hear new ideas for events and club programs, we hope you won't hesitate to contact any of us at any time! (PLEASE NOTE: Our 1st 2010 Board/Membership Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, February 2 at Eat N Park in Robinson at 6:30pm!)