Pittsburgh Region Cadillac LaSalle Club
From the Desk of the Director
October, 2008

In this issue, please find a recapping of the past few car club events: August’s Grand National in New Jersey, September’s GM Heritage Tour Weekend, and the Annual Pittsburgh Region CLC Picnic held on September 28th. As another Car Season winds down, we prepare for our last “Hurrah!”: the November Frick Museum Event (please see page 2 for details). Special Note: this event was originally scheduled for October 25th, but we had to bump the date to November. We’ve really put a lot of work into this last event… we hope you will come out and enjoy one last car club function before the first snowfall!

As we move into semi-”hibernation” over the winter months, please keep in mind that the Caddy Chatter will move from a monthly publication to bi-monthy (every other month)… you may expect issues in December, February, April, and then monthly after that (May, June, July, August, September, October). The membership is always welcome to send in articles, whether they be self-authored or just interesting ones you may come across in your own reading (please forward with appropriate credit given to the author) — if you find the topic interesting, odds are other members will, too. Stephanie is happy to include whatever you send that may be of interest to the general membership.

Folks, I always feel a bit sad at the end of each Car Season — but this is a time to look back on another successful spring and summer and realize that this hobby of ours is really the greatest one out there: it attracts folks who are clean-living, kind, and generous and, I know I speak for Steph when I say, we’ve really enjoyed serving you for another season. My heartfelt thanks to all of the membership, but especially those folks who religiously come out to the events and whole-heartedly support the club — your support, your ideas, your enthusiasm is appreciated more than I can say. To all of our members, see you soon and, until then, drive smart, drive right, drive Cadillac!

David McHugh, Director