Pittsburgh Region Cadillac LaSalle Club
From the Desk of the Director
May, 2007


Dear Membership,

With the coming of spring and the 2007 “Car Season”, many new changes in leadership have also come to the Pittsburgh Region CLC.

Due to other commitments, Mike Josephic—our leader for more than seven years, has decided to step down from the Director’s position. You may recall that Mike wears a few other hats, not the least of which is the Vice President of International Affiliates for the National CLC. Mike’s duties with this position have him traveling and utilizing his considerable talents at the national and even international level, frequently pulling him away from our Pittsburgh Region. Not to worry, Mike will still be a vital member of the group — we’ll look forward to seeing he and Karen at all of our upcoming events. Mike, thanks for doing such a great job representing those of us from the ‘Burgh at the national level!

Additionally, Jim and Kathy Koontz are stepping down as Newsletter Editor/Membership Secretary and Assistant Director, respectively. Jim and Kathy have some exciting personal and professional developments going on, which are pulling their energy in other directions. Jim and Kathy, we wish you much luck in these exciting new endeavors and hope to see you at our upcoming events, as well.

Stepping into these big shoes will be John Norris as our new Activities Director, Stephanie McHugh as Newsletter Editor/Membership Secretary, Joe Kress and Frank McBurney as co-Assistant Directors, and myself, David McHugh, as Director. The new leadership has already made a few changes which we hope will lead to an exciting 2007 Car Season with many fun events.

A line from a favorite movie goes something like this: “Beginnings are often scary and endings are usually sad, but the middle part — that’s the good stuff.” For the Pittsburgh Region CLC, this marks an ending and a new beginning. Here’s to knowing and hoping that the really good middle part is just around the corner!

David McHugh, Director