Pittsburgh Region Cadillac LaSalle Club
From the Desk of the Director
April, 2008

I hope this issue finds you well and eagerly anticipating a great 2008 Car Season — as we are! Time goes so fast… it’s hard to believe baby Jack will be six months old at the end of April. It just goes to show that you have to enjoy every single moment… especially those shared with truly remarkable people. We hope you’ll find a reason or two to smile as we propose some wonderful events designed to bring good people together to enjoy the car hobby just as much as they enjoy each other’s company!

Special people are really important in this life. And it seems like the car hobby has a sincere tendency to bring really good, quality people together. In this issue, we pay our respects to one of our long-standing members: Joe Geran. Joe recently passed away after a tough struggle and we hope the membership will join us in keeping him and his family in our thoughts and prayers. Please see page 3 for some great pictures of Joe and his beloved wife, Sue, as well as Joe’s second love: his ‘59 Fleetwood. Joe, you will be missed—may you rest in peace.

This club is full of great car enthusiasts and our goal is always to connect you folks. Please reference pages 4 and 5 for a déjà vu: a revised version of the club’s roster. We made an attempt to include this in the last issue, but for some reason, the formatting didn’t agree with the printer and, well, here’s the new-and-improved roster with accurate information, formatted properly. If you need to make a correction of any kind, please get in touch with Stephanie either via phone, e-mail, or membership form (available on the website) and she’ll take care of any necessary adjustments.

In this long-awaited issue, please find the 2008 Car Season schedule of events. You’ll see some new endeavors, as well as some of our tried-and-true anchors — we hope you’ll give them all a try to make this year’s upcoming Car Season better than ever. (Info on the upcoming Brunch appears on page 6 and more details on some of the calendar events can be found on pages 8 and 9.) Which brings me to my last point….

A few of you have yet to renew your membership. Even though it differs from the way the National CLC does it, it’s just easier for us to manage the club if everyone’s on the same schedule. We’re trying to move toward total club renewal in February or March at the latest, so please keep this in mind as you consider renewing your membership for the 2008 year. New members, we’re thrilled to have you; and veteran members, we hope you’ll keep coming back for more as we have a great season planned! We hope to see you all very soon. Until then, drive smart, drive right, drive Cadillac!

David McHugh, Director