Pittsburgh Region Cadillac LaSalle Club
Director's Corner - July 1, 2006

Summer is here and that means your Club’s two premiere events are coming up soon!! The Car Show at Rohrich Cadillac is scheduled for Saturday, July 22. We hope to beat our old record of 33+ cars attending! Our sponsor is going all out to assist the Club as they always do, so please dust off your Caddy or LaSalle and be there! We need to show Rohrich we appreciate their generosity!

Hot on the heels of this event is the Annual Picnic and Cruise on Sunday, August 27th. The location is the same as last year, in Moon Park at the Apollo Shelter. Hope to see you all there. We also have tentatively scheduled a Fall event, a wine tasting cruise, sometime in September. More details on this in a future newsletter.

On another subject, Karen and I along with several other Pittsburgh members just returned from the Grand National in Los Angeles, CA. Those attending were Lee and Judy Herbermann, Wib and Hazel Thompson and Dave and Stephanie McHugh. Everyone had a great time and there were lots of truly beautiful cars to see.

Another bit of news regarding the election of officers to the National Board. The Pittsburgh Region is fortunate now to have two voting members to represent you. Lee Herbermann retained his position as Eastern Regional VP and I was fortunate to be confirmed as the VP of International Affiliates.

As always, we need your input and participation to make our Club a success.

Don’t Forget:

• Items for “Caddy Chatter” – Jim needs your ideas for stories or your own tale about how you restored, purchased or found you latest addition! It’s tough coming up with a new and exciting issue of the news each time. Give Jim some help! Leads on cars, parts, etc. are also newsworthy and welcome.

ATTEND BOARD MEETINGS – everyone is welcome.

VOLUNTEER – we need your help to set up events – these functions don’t happen by magic! Be a part of the Team that makes this Club go!

NEW IDEAS – Take a few minutes to jot down some new event ideas and shoot me an E-mail. I’ll respond to all messages.

Happy Motoring,

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