Pittsburgh Region Cadillac LaSalle Club
Director's Corner - April 1, 2006

Spring is just around the corner as I write this and your Club has already ad it’s first successful event for 2006. On February 18th we had a well attended “Sweetheart’s Nite” dinner at Carmodies. About 30 people had a wonderful evening of good food, good conversation and entertainment provided by none other than Lee Herbermann. Lee provided the show with a “grab bag” gift type routine using Cadillac trivia questions to liven the party. Kudos’ to Lee for a great job! Conversations went on until after 10:00 PM and all present agreed it was a great evening.

Your Board is already planning the next several events. There is a visit to the AACA Museum scheduled for Saturday, April 8th sponsored by the Central PA CLC Region to which we are invited. See the article for details in this issue !!

In addition, the annual “Brunch” Is set for April 30th and the “Car Show” at Rohrich for mid July. We will be finalizing the “Car Show” date soon. Check “Caddy Chatter” for details and watch your mailbox for updates! The date for the “Annual Picnic” is also set. Location is the same as last year, the Apollo Shelter at Moon Park on August 27th.

Speaking of items in the mail – you should have received your March edition of The Self-Starter just a few days ago with a ballot listing candidates for National Directors positions. This is an important election for many reasons and both Lee and I would appreciate your support. Please vote!

As always, we need your input and participation to make our Club a success.

Don’t Forget:

• Items for “Caddy Chatter” – Jim needs your ideas for stories or your own tale about how you restored, purchased or found you latest addition! It’s tough coming up with a new and exciting issue of the news each time. Give Jim some help! Leads on cars, parts, etc. are also newsworthy and welcome.

ATTEND BOARD MEETINGS – everyone is welcome.

VOLUNTEER – we need your help to set up events – these functions don’t happen by magic! Be a part of the Team that makes this Club go!

NEW IDEAS – Take a few minutes to jot down some new event ideas and shoot me an E-mail. I’ll respond to all messages.

Happy Motoring,

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